Dara Dara

A dream fulfilled

There’s a special set of people who are creative, with their hands and imagination and a rarer few who gets to spend their lives doing what they love with their amazing talent.

For many of us myself included… a regular nine to five is not the dream…let’s be real. It’s a means to an end, so to speak and at the end of the day,’“we gotta do what we gotta do.”

There are those who push, sacrifice and work through the night to make their dream a reality.  One such person is Dara Baird, who with her fabulous fashion sense, creativity and eye for detail is ‘making it work!’… Guyana born, based out of Antigua, her collection of handbags, clutches and scarf’s are stunningly vivid and scream Caribbean chic!

The vibrant hues, patterns and stylish pieces are perfect for a night out, travel bag or that accent piece that pulls an outfit together. I am very happy to own a few of her pieces from her collection and they are truly amazing!

Now that I’m totally hooked on her unique pieces, I’m gonna grab me another one and you can too, lets be real…maybe three now that she’s creates unique necklaces as well.

Get in touch with her through Facebook here and her Instagram Here.

Go check her out and fall in love!!!

Stay Blessed