Mani Monday

Hi Girlz,

Welcome back to another Mani Monday. This week is all about Sacha Cosmetics.

What can I say, I love to see a local brand doing so well on the international market. Though not all their products work for me, the one’s that do are my ride or die products. They account for about 40% of my makeup collection and 50%+ of my nail polish collection. To put it simply I am kinda addicted to them. Here is a look at my sacha nail polish collection..




















I guess you’re probably wondering if this is 50% of my nail polish collection, then my nail polish collection is probably small. Then you would be correct. I ONLY buy a shade of polish if i absolutely love it and will use it up. I really can’t justify owing a hundred shades of nail polish and only wearing it once. But that’s just me!

How many polishes are in your collection? What is your favorite Sasha Colour?